The Journal of Physical Education and Sport (JPES) promotes OPEN ACCES - OPEN PEER REVIEW SYSTEM and selects the best manuscripts for publication.

(total transparency and collaboration between author and reviewer, if there are non-compliant elements.The final decision is taken by the editor based on discussions and clarifications authorreviewer, and based on the final report on the manuscript)

Editor-mediated review
- editorial pre-selection of articles
- final decision The editor decides whether the article should be accepted, and formulates change requirements for the authors


The editorial staff requires that all manuscripts that are sent for publication to be evaluated.
A reviewed manuscript will be subject to one of four possible outcomes regarding publication in JPES.
1. Initial rejection of the manuscript by the editing committee without further review (due to severe deficiencies in writing/content, theme)
2. Acceptance without modifications
3. Acceptance with minor modifications
4. Acceptance only after major modifications

The decision will be communicated to the respective author(s) in a strictly anonymous form. During the peer-review process, the reviewers will evaluate elements from the Evaluation Protocol that is provided below, which makes direct reference to having published a manuscript that is considered an original article. 
1.    Originality of the investigation                                             20 points   
2.    Scientific topicality                                                               15 points   
3.    Applicability to current practice                                           15 points   
4.    Design quality of the study                                                 10 points   
5.    Quality of the disclosed results                                           10 points   
6.    Clarity and depth of the discussions                                   10 points   
7.    Clarity of the conclusions                                                    10 points   
8.    Accuracy of timely quotes and the bibliography                   5 points   
9.    General language quality of the manuscript                         5 points   
On the basis of these considerations from the Evaluation Protocol, all manuscripts will be given a maximum number of points: < 50 points will result in rejection, >70 will result in publication, and 50-70 points will require some punctual modifications to the article before acceptance/rejection is decided.

Please write the article according to the template model.

The JPES article template can be downloaded below. Below are specific points to follow:
- Page set-up: A4 format; margins: top, bottom, left, right=2.5 cm
- Font: Times New Roman, size=10, (one row, for text); size=10, Title 13
- Full first and last name of all of the authors, which should be accompanied by their affiliations to a certain institution
- Corresponding author’s email address
- Abstract of 200 – 300 words maximum, preferably structured with the following headings: Problem Statement, Approach, Purpose, Results, and Conclusions
- Keywords (4-6, font size=10, bold)
- The main text should be structured in the following manner: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions .
- Tables - Tables should be numbered consecutively in order of appearance and using roman numerals. JPES recommends that authors reduce the number of tables to a minimum. All tables must have a title placed immediately above it.  All tables must be mentioned at least once in the text (e.g., “as described in Table 1”). Tables should be placed horizontally, be centered and cannot exceed a width of 150 mm. The table data should be written with a TNR, 10 pt. font.
- Figures - All illustrations (graphics, schemes, diagrams, figures, pictures, etc.) must be sequentially numbered in order of appearance and be numbered using roman numerals.  All figures must have a title (caption) that is placed immediately under the figure.  All figures must be mentioned at least once in the text (e.g., “as shown in Figure 1”).  Figures cannot be drawn directly in the Word document. Figures must be imported either as image files (jpg, bmp, tiff, etc.), or as objects (ppt). Black and white images should be provided only in high contrast, and color images should be provided in high resolution.

JPES’s  reference style
This journal follows the APA reference style.

The authors take full responsibility for the content of the articles sent for publication by signing a commitment declaration.

ETHICS OF PUBLICATION: The JPES policy regarding suspected scientific misconduct, including plagiarism, fabrication of data, and falsification, is based on the “Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)”, which can be found at

Cover letter: All submitted articles must to be accompanied by a cover letter with an original signature that includes the copyright agreement.

Proofs will be sent via email and returned within 48 hours. All questions from the reviewers must be resolved and answered and represent the final corrections and printing permission.

Clinical research or experimental studies involving human subjects
If a clinical research or experimental study involves human subjects, the study must conform to the directive of the Helsinki Declaration, and the study must have the ethical approval of the relevant institution with signatures from the ethics committee. For experiments conducted within the field of Physical Education and Sport, the author(s) must have the approval of the institution to publish the experimental data. The participants must be anonymous, both in pictures and in the text.

Editing rights: The publication of the article is conditioned on the authors’ acceptance that the editor has the right to correct the text with the purpose of improving the clarity and linguistic style and/or to bring the publication to accepted standards.
Editing process and acceptance for publication: The authors will be informed upon the receipt of every manuscript. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed. The publishing decision will be provided within a maximum of 2 months from the manuscript’s submission date. The editor will provide the specific journal edition in which the manuscript is likely to appear.

Online evaluation process:
To maintain a transparent evaluation process on the JPES website, a list of manuscripts under evaluation, received for each issue are posted with the authors' names and institutional affiliations. The order of publication of the articles depends on the evaluation process and the maximum number of items that can be published in each issue of the journal (

English Language Consultation (editing and other manuscript assistance)
Non-native English speakers will be asked to seek help in preparing their manuscript from specialized services that provide scientific editing and proofreading.
The Journal of Physical Education and Sport recommends:
1. Falcon Scientific Editing, url:
with free abstract editing and a 15% discount for all JPES customers. Please mention coupon code       JPES15%OFF.
2. Professional Editing Services, url:
3. Academic Proofreading, url:
4. Academic-Editing-Services,
5. Editage Proofreading Services, url:
6. American Journal Experts, url:
All the costs will be paid by the authors for these services, and this does not guarantee acceptance for publication.

OR SEND your manuscript to the Editorial office via E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

For publication, the first author or corresponding author will be requested to pay 80 euros per article.

When you pay the publication fee, please check to determine if there are additional costs.
Please mention the registration fee for the Journal of Physical Education and Sport.
Very important - Confirmation fee - Please send a copy of the formal receipt via email.

The journal does not have article submission charges

Manuscript size:
A length of 3 - 6 pages is a typical size for a manuscript, per the editorial policy of JPES.
A length of 7 pages is acceptable and will not be charged extra; however, if the manuscript is longer than 8 pages, the authors will be charged  5 euros per page (700 words per page, Times New Roman 10, single line spacing).

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Copyright Transfer Statement


The main version of the journal is electronic, available online


Payment methods:

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Please mention: registration fee for Journal of Physical Education and Sport

Very important - Confirmation fee - Please send a copy of the formal receipt via email



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